Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cucumber Mutation....

We have a mini garden in our backyard where my mom and I grow organic veggies and fruits.

A few days ago we discovered a gigantic cucumber.

It was about... 1 foot and 10 inches long.

My mom and I think it's a mutation.


Because that is NOT normal....

Anyways, we chopped up the cucumber and ate cold noodles with it.

It was very good.

( T (oo) T )

Friday, July 9, 2010

Why is it SO COLD in CALIFORNIA??????

WHY is it so cold in the middle of summer in CALIFORNIA?

Call me strange, but I was thinking maybe the weather was be around 80˚F in the MIDDLE OF SUMMER here, but strangely its in the mid-seventies.

Though I really shouldn't be complaining...

cause in other places it is like a country-wide sauna. ( *cough* China *cough* *cough* )

I heard that the temperatures went up to about 120˚F in some parts of China....

that is scary....

Is it because of the greenhouse gases? Or perhaps just a normal cycle of Earth's weather? I don't know... but I hope whatever is causing all this bad weather will stop.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Isn't it strange to meet someone who went to the same school as you, but you didn't know at all. Yet somehow now you guys are friends?

I find that veerrryyy strange.

It's so awkward when its like:

"What school did you go to?"

" Emerson Junior High. How about you?"

" Same....."

* silence*

You can feel the awkward.....



I'm going to attempt to make a spongey roll cake.

I'll take pictures!

Bye Bye for now!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Belated Father's Day!

This is a bit late... but

Happy Father's Day!

I didn't do much for father's day....

just wrote a song...

( ill post it if i find out how)


Monday, June 21, 2010


Yay! Summer vacation has finally started!

*joy* *joy*

ah.... and so has summer school( read: emphasized )....

* dramatic music *

yeah.... im a total loner there though...


i need my friends...


^ if you are not Lydia please ignore


I had a strange dream yesterday... i always do but this one reminded me of spirited away....


Here is how it went ( ill tell it like a story ) :

Strange, faceless creatures rushed by me. Bumping into me occasionally and hurrying on their way. I was in a train station full of faceless creatures. If one turned to look me, I would catch a glimpse of their face. It would always be the face of someone close to me, a relative, a friend, even a classmate. But as soon as I tried to call out their name, the creature would turn around an resume it's faceless shape. I remember boarding the train. Was it with a friend? Or just another faceless creature. I'm not sure. I don't remember. I sat on that train and watched the faceless creatures get on the train and then get off. Strangely the only voice I could understand was the conductor's. I remember what he said clearly. " All those who are getting off at the Present Stop, please stand close to the exits." It wasn't my stop. I watched some people get on. It was someone I knew. A long lost friend. I hugged her and she smiled at me. She told me how she missed me and how she loved me, and I replied with the same empty words. We both knew that we hadn't missed each other a bit. But that didn't matter, life was a script. I sat back down on my seat. The door opened again. This time a boy came in. I didn't know who. Something was different though. A feeling of love. The conductor's voice came again: " If who are sure, stay on the train." If I was sure? Yes, I was sure. This is the person I like. It doesn't matter who. I was certain. "We have arrived at the Past Stop". A violent wind suddenly jerked me to the door. I let it do so. I wasn't sure where I was going anyways. The train door opened and a bright light shone on me. I couldn't see. When I opened my eyes, I was standing close to a big mansion/house. It was beautiful. The ground where I stood was paved with a blue-gray stone. There were trees with white blossoms all around. Farther away, there was a bridge made of beautiful painted tiles. The house in front of me was amazing. It had layers of wood around it that acted like stairs. The house itself was yellow with red decorations. It was shaped like a traditional old asian building. I knew the person who lived there. I knew for certain. I was with someone now too. A friend. I don't remember who. "Let's go in." My friend looked at me and smiled. " You think she'll let us?" I didn't answer. " Let's go somewhere else." I nodded. Something didn't seem right. The entire place was empty. Not a single person could be seen from where we were. My friend and I walked a little to the bridge. I spotted some of my friends from school. I called out to them. Only one of them turned around and looked at me. " Hi! Do you mind if we join you guys? You can tell we are loners." I smiled at my friend. The smile she had on her face when she saw me vanished. Without another word she left. "She doesn't remember us." I looked at my friend. "I don't think anyone knows us here." I grabbed my friend's hand. " Let's go somewhere else." We walked to the other side of the bridge. It was paved with the same kind of stone, but there was a patch of grass at the center of the area. Beside the grass were lunch tables. My friend and I hurried over and sat down on the lunch tables. Then, suddenly, all I could see was blue-gray fog.

I woke up....

Yeah... dramatic huh?

This is the dream that made me almost late for summer school.....



well, if i ever get another dream, I'll keep you noticed.

Bye bye for now!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Im suppose to write something important....but I'm too lazy.....=_=


Ok... something really weird happened to me a while ago at school.

So, we were having this end of the year band concert and since I'm in band, I had to participate.

At our school we have 3 band levels.

First is Advanced Band

Second is Intermediate Band

Third is Beginning Band


Fourth is Percussion, but it's not really " band" more like a Drumline.


so Beginning Band performs first, so they put their cases next to the stage area.

After they perform they are suppose to take their case and put it in the band room lockers, or carry it with them.

Intermediate Band performs after Beginning Band and they put their stuff in the band room ( like on the floor ).

After the concert, they can leave their cases there, or take it with them.

Lastly Advanced Band performs and hey leave their EMPTY cases next to the stage area.
* note all bolded words are relevant to my story


Now I will start my story.

So since I'm in Advanced Band, I put my EMPTY case next to the stage area.

After we perform we are trying to find our cases.

I learned that my case disappeared.

I looked around and found a Beginning Band kid's case that had her flute ( yeah i play flute ) and cloth and everything in it.

She took my empty case.

I wrote my name on the case in BIG BOLD LETTERS.

She did not see it....

She wrote her name in BIG BOLD LETTERS

We have totally different names...


I tell the teacher and my teacher tells me to be patient and he will tell the girl.

My teachers says that someone has to be stupid to not realize that they are carrying the wrong case after a day. He says that since I don't have anything in it, it should be quite light, and they should realize that it's not their case.

So the next day the girl who took my case brought it in.

She told the teacher she was going to turn in her instrument.

She was staring at the case.

And she didn't know it wasn't hers.

The teacher asked if she was holding her case.

The girl told the teacher she was.

The teacher told her to open it.

It was empty.


So that is the story of my flute case disappearance and discovery.

Just another crazy bit of my crazy life.


Oh and if you are reading this, go to my friend Tacomapoop's blog:

bye bye for now!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


How do you start a rumor?

My friend and I wanted to start a rumor to test out a friend's faithfulness to her celebrity idols ( don't ask for details ).

And we found out it is pretty hard.

It has to be likely to seem true, but still shocking as well.

And it can't be totally copying another rumor.

And it has to have SOME truth to it or it just totally sounds like a lie.

I'll paste what my friend tried out:

( I'll change the names so people won't hang me )

Hmmmmmmm iono... Wut bout.. He got in a fight with... cookie just cuz cookie asked for help on a certain dance.. Fishy gets angry cuz he's **Sing.. Jk.. He's drunk... And.... He punches cookie in the face and stomach and cusses him out.. And fishy is angry... Bc... Hm... He... He.. Was told that he sucks at dancing by.. GDR.. And.. Cookie leaves all sad and shocked or whatever.. Hhee.. And then.. GDR finds out and... Fishy goes to... The.. Police thing.. And is fined some moneyy.. Or he goes to a jail.. Or doesn't.. Whatever..

If my friend is reading this ( or maybe not )

Fishy is the guy that you spread the rumor about

Cookie is his friend

and GDR is the evil company :D


Is that real sounding?


Should we use it?


Saturday, May 8, 2010

School Buses

Why are school buses ( and other buses ) so un-ecofriendly?

Buses use diesel fuel, one of the worse kinds of fuel you can use. It emits a lot of pollution that is toxic to human health. Diesel cars make people sick. So why use diesel school buses?

School buses travel in places where a lot of children are, so aren't they getting intoxicated with nasty gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur oxides, and others? And these gases often concentrate inside of buses, making it even worse. Also, studies have shown that longterm inhalation of these gases can lead to lung cancer and other diseases.

So, isn't it best if we replace diesel buses by some other fuel? Like with a hydrogen generator so that it would run on water. Or on trash like in Back to the Future ( no thats just wishful thinking ).

I'm done ranting.

Friday, April 30, 2010

First Blog Post

So... First blog post... Finally, it has started.

So, uh, what do bloggers talk about in their first blog posts? Do they automatically start talking about events that happen to them? Or posting things they find interesting? I have no idea. I'll just start with a little intro.


[ Start Introduction ]

Hello all who are reading this. I appreciate your time and effort for viewing this probably very blank blog. First of all, this is not one of those business blogs ( what kind of business would name their blog " Life of a Cookie Monster?" ). This blog is merely a place to vent all of my selfishness. Perhaps this plan will develop to a more useful one, but who knows? Only the future can tell... I have made a deal with the person who lets me blog that I write about one thing I like and one thing that is going on with the world. It sounds like a good deal so I'm going to go with that. Yeah....

[ End Introduction ]

I hope I'll get better at this blogging thing, so people who are reading this, hope you read again.