Friday, July 9, 2010

Why is it SO COLD in CALIFORNIA??????

WHY is it so cold in the middle of summer in CALIFORNIA?

Call me strange, but I was thinking maybe the weather was be around 80˚F in the MIDDLE OF SUMMER here, but strangely its in the mid-seventies.

Though I really shouldn't be complaining...

cause in other places it is like a country-wide sauna. ( *cough* China *cough* *cough* )

I heard that the temperatures went up to about 120˚F in some parts of China....

that is scary....

Is it because of the greenhouse gases? Or perhaps just a normal cycle of Earth's weather? I don't know... but I hope whatever is causing all this bad weather will stop.



  1. oh oh oh also

    its cuz california is by the ocean
    and its less humidity than like texas or hotter places in the middle... u noe?

    and in china, in some places its by like... sea.. i think -.-"
    so yeah i think thats why :DDDDD

  2. some believe the earthquakes have knocked the earth a degree or two off its normal axis, which is why last year we experienced summer in the later months of august and september
    or possibley due how much ice has melted into the ocean, the ice is fresh water which sits ontop of salt water...if cold water is sitting ontop of the warmer salt water it can determine the outcome of marine layers in summer along the coast of sunny so cal...which blows
    ive been looking for the answer but everyone tends to think its a very basic answer, im not totally sure but from hours on end watching the discovery channel stonned this is what i've come up with