Monday, June 21, 2010


Yay! Summer vacation has finally started!

*joy* *joy*

ah.... and so has summer school( read: emphasized )....

* dramatic music *

yeah.... im a total loner there though...


i need my friends...


^ if you are not Lydia please ignore


I had a strange dream yesterday... i always do but this one reminded me of spirited away....


Here is how it went ( ill tell it like a story ) :

Strange, faceless creatures rushed by me. Bumping into me occasionally and hurrying on their way. I was in a train station full of faceless creatures. If one turned to look me, I would catch a glimpse of their face. It would always be the face of someone close to me, a relative, a friend, even a classmate. But as soon as I tried to call out their name, the creature would turn around an resume it's faceless shape. I remember boarding the train. Was it with a friend? Or just another faceless creature. I'm not sure. I don't remember. I sat on that train and watched the faceless creatures get on the train and then get off. Strangely the only voice I could understand was the conductor's. I remember what he said clearly. " All those who are getting off at the Present Stop, please stand close to the exits." It wasn't my stop. I watched some people get on. It was someone I knew. A long lost friend. I hugged her and she smiled at me. She told me how she missed me and how she loved me, and I replied with the same empty words. We both knew that we hadn't missed each other a bit. But that didn't matter, life was a script. I sat back down on my seat. The door opened again. This time a boy came in. I didn't know who. Something was different though. A feeling of love. The conductor's voice came again: " If who are sure, stay on the train." If I was sure? Yes, I was sure. This is the person I like. It doesn't matter who. I was certain. "We have arrived at the Past Stop". A violent wind suddenly jerked me to the door. I let it do so. I wasn't sure where I was going anyways. The train door opened and a bright light shone on me. I couldn't see. When I opened my eyes, I was standing close to a big mansion/house. It was beautiful. The ground where I stood was paved with a blue-gray stone. There were trees with white blossoms all around. Farther away, there was a bridge made of beautiful painted tiles. The house in front of me was amazing. It had layers of wood around it that acted like stairs. The house itself was yellow with red decorations. It was shaped like a traditional old asian building. I knew the person who lived there. I knew for certain. I was with someone now too. A friend. I don't remember who. "Let's go in." My friend looked at me and smiled. " You think she'll let us?" I didn't answer. " Let's go somewhere else." I nodded. Something didn't seem right. The entire place was empty. Not a single person could be seen from where we were. My friend and I walked a little to the bridge. I spotted some of my friends from school. I called out to them. Only one of them turned around and looked at me. " Hi! Do you mind if we join you guys? You can tell we are loners." I smiled at my friend. The smile she had on her face when she saw me vanished. Without another word she left. "She doesn't remember us." I looked at my friend. "I don't think anyone knows us here." I grabbed my friend's hand. " Let's go somewhere else." We walked to the other side of the bridge. It was paved with the same kind of stone, but there was a patch of grass at the center of the area. Beside the grass were lunch tables. My friend and I hurried over and sat down on the lunch tables. Then, suddenly, all I could see was blue-gray fog.

I woke up....

Yeah... dramatic huh?

This is the dream that made me almost late for summer school.....



well, if i ever get another dream, I'll keep you noticed.

Bye bye for now!

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