Thursday, June 3, 2010


How do you start a rumor?

My friend and I wanted to start a rumor to test out a friend's faithfulness to her celebrity idols ( don't ask for details ).

And we found out it is pretty hard.

It has to be likely to seem true, but still shocking as well.

And it can't be totally copying another rumor.

And it has to have SOME truth to it or it just totally sounds like a lie.

I'll paste what my friend tried out:

( I'll change the names so people won't hang me )

Hmmmmmmm iono... Wut bout.. He got in a fight with... cookie just cuz cookie asked for help on a certain dance.. Fishy gets angry cuz he's **Sing.. Jk.. He's drunk... And.... He punches cookie in the face and stomach and cusses him out.. And fishy is angry... Bc... Hm... He... He.. Was told that he sucks at dancing by.. GDR.. And.. Cookie leaves all sad and shocked or whatever.. Hhee.. And then.. GDR finds out and... Fishy goes to... The.. Police thing.. And is fined some moneyy.. Or he goes to a jail.. Or doesn't.. Whatever..

If my friend is reading this ( or maybe not )

Fishy is the guy that you spread the rumor about

Cookie is his friend

and GDR is the evil company :D


Is that real sounding?


Should we use it?


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