Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cucumber Mutation....

We have a mini garden in our backyard where my mom and I grow organic veggies and fruits.

A few days ago we discovered a gigantic cucumber.

It was about... 1 foot and 10 inches long.

My mom and I think it's a mutation.


Because that is NOT normal....

Anyways, we chopped up the cucumber and ate cold noodles with it.

It was very good.

( T (oo) T )

Friday, July 9, 2010

Why is it SO COLD in CALIFORNIA??????

WHY is it so cold in the middle of summer in CALIFORNIA?

Call me strange, but I was thinking maybe the weather was be around 80˚F in the MIDDLE OF SUMMER here, but strangely its in the mid-seventies.

Though I really shouldn't be complaining...

cause in other places it is like a country-wide sauna. ( *cough* China *cough* *cough* )

I heard that the temperatures went up to about 120˚F in some parts of China....

that is scary....

Is it because of the greenhouse gases? Or perhaps just a normal cycle of Earth's weather? I don't know... but I hope whatever is causing all this bad weather will stop.