Monday, June 14, 2010


Im suppose to write something important....but I'm too lazy.....=_=


Ok... something really weird happened to me a while ago at school.

So, we were having this end of the year band concert and since I'm in band, I had to participate.

At our school we have 3 band levels.

First is Advanced Band

Second is Intermediate Band

Third is Beginning Band


Fourth is Percussion, but it's not really " band" more like a Drumline.


so Beginning Band performs first, so they put their cases next to the stage area.

After they perform they are suppose to take their case and put it in the band room lockers, or carry it with them.

Intermediate Band performs after Beginning Band and they put their stuff in the band room ( like on the floor ).

After the concert, they can leave their cases there, or take it with them.

Lastly Advanced Band performs and hey leave their EMPTY cases next to the stage area.
* note all bolded words are relevant to my story


Now I will start my story.

So since I'm in Advanced Band, I put my EMPTY case next to the stage area.

After we perform we are trying to find our cases.

I learned that my case disappeared.

I looked around and found a Beginning Band kid's case that had her flute ( yeah i play flute ) and cloth and everything in it.

She took my empty case.

I wrote my name on the case in BIG BOLD LETTERS.

She did not see it....

She wrote her name in BIG BOLD LETTERS

We have totally different names...


I tell the teacher and my teacher tells me to be patient and he will tell the girl.

My teachers says that someone has to be stupid to not realize that they are carrying the wrong case after a day. He says that since I don't have anything in it, it should be quite light, and they should realize that it's not their case.

So the next day the girl who took my case brought it in.

She told the teacher she was going to turn in her instrument.

She was staring at the case.

And she didn't know it wasn't hers.

The teacher asked if she was holding her case.

The girl told the teacher she was.

The teacher told her to open it.

It was empty.


So that is the story of my flute case disappearance and discovery.

Just another crazy bit of my crazy life.


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